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The Sales REPORT

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AG Maserati
Akira's Hamilton
Aloha Kiss NKF
Anticipation's Mr. Pepper
Anticipation's Ready To Go LF
Anticipation's Red Jacket LF
Be High's Frat Boy LF
Best Of What's Around
Best Of What's Around
Blue Ridge Billy
Boogie Shoes
Centurian's Jean Paul LF
Centurian's Perfection LF
CH Our Northern Belle
CH Rain And Thunder
CH Rain And Thunder
Cherrydale Intoxicating
Creekridge Brian Turner
CW Extremely Wicked
Doctor Birx
Doubletrees Skyfall
Dragonsmeade Battalion
Drunk In Love
DSD Fired Up
Electric Moon
Fairview's Out For The Night
Famous In Vegas
First In Line
Get Rockin
Get You The Moon
Glory Halleloo
Harlan's Eclipse
Heartland Knockout
Heartland Rainmaker
Heavenly Ambition
Heir Of Dare
Hot Rod Sold
Kalarama's Bamsi
Kalarama's Shaka Zulu
Kickstart My Heart
King Of The Ring RWF
Ledyard Under The Stars
Leonhardt's Armani
Lilac Time
Madison Avenue Blues
Make Mine First
MCMF Unbeliever
Mission: Impossible
NJH Second Chance
Nutcracker's Derby Day
Paint The Town
Party Trick
Photographic Memories
Pinky Tuscadero
Queensbury So In Style
RDF Ringo
Reedann's Keep The Faith
Riverdreams' Duchess
Royale High Five
RWF James Bond
Salty Northerner
Samur's Bright Light
Sasha Immortal
Sasha Immortal
Shake N Bake
She's Alata Blonde
Showstar's Cindy LF
Sir Robert Royse
Something Red
State Of Nirvana
That Cat Can Dance
The Water Lilly
The Way I Am
Valley Acres Just N Time
VDM Tigress Kelly
Walterway's Make Me Noble
Wana Acres Trump
Whitneylane's Windfall
With Rare Grace